02 November 2023

v. 0.5.11742

New Features

  • New input system. Now you can use additional mouse buttons to create hotkeys to define actions in MoonTrader. Additionally, we’ve created a new setting to control the speed of the double click action. To change this parameter go to Settings —> Controls —> Mouse. This parameter will allow the system to wait less or more time for the second click in order to determine a double click. In practice, this will work in the following way: anyone who was complaining that the orders are placed slowly when using a single click (left or right with or without any additional key combinations) to place an order, will now be able to reduce the wait time and thus feel a significant increase of speed when placing the order on a single click. The flipside of this is that with a very small wait time, it will become almost impossible to perform a double click. Our recommendation is that you use at least 150ms for the double click delay.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Because the input system has changed, your current hotkey settings will be removed! Please make a reserve copy of your old settings in order to reassign the hotkeys to the desired combinations in this version!
  • We added a counter to the bottom of the Reports tab that will count the selected entries.
  • We added 5s — 55s deltas to the «Active market filters» of all algorithms
  • We’ve overhauled the Market Live tab. Now you can see in this tab how many orders are placed on either pair and what the direction of the orders are. Also, you will be able to see what algorithms are working with a specific pair. When clicking on the column with the names of the algorithms, a pop-up will appear displaying data from the reports related to that pair.
  • Added Funding data to Reports. Now, if you’ve had a position open during funding payout, you’ll find that information in the Reports tab.
  • You will now be able to create lists from the Management tab.
  • Added an icon informing of removed entries from the Reports tab


  • Changing leverage type on ByBit
  • Critical errors when starting/stopping algorithms in bulk
  • General optimizations on ByBit and OKx
  • Cancel after first deal issue in Averages algorithm
  • Partial fill errors on ByBit and OKx
  • Incorrect sorting in Reports
  • Incorrect API limits calculations on Binance
  • Auto-stop filters issue on OKx
  • Large order size issues on OKx
  • Trading Performance tab errors
  • Values allignment in Order tabs
  • TP/SL fixes
  • Close using Market order button fixed on OKx and ByBit
  • Joins in Average algorithms
  • Partial fills leading to CPU and API limit overloads
  • Frozen positions on OKx
  • Wrong trading results in Reports tab
  • Market Watcher initialization error
  • Newly listed pairs being added to Market Live without Core restart
  • Reconnect to remote VPS issues
  • FPS dropping to 1 when reconnecting to the same profile
  • TP/SL settings not being saved on OKx
  • Discrepancies in values of TP/SL in the Positions tab and on the chart
  • Inability to close Client window
  • Immediate involuntary closing of positions after opening positions
  • Possibility to change leverage size with open orders on the market
  • Improper functioning of SL delay when trading manually
  • Core initialization issues on ByBit
  • Involuntary TP movement when moving the SL
  • Auto-buy menu incorrect sorting

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