02 October 2023

v. 0.5.11286

New Features

  • New Profile menu. Now you have the posibility of creating folders, searching through your Profiles list and setting a default Profile to run on Application launch.
  • Cloud Archive! Enable it in the Main menu, then restart the core. This will allow your core to connect to our new service that provides historical Trades and Tick price lines for the Binance exchange only, at the moment. The data on our Cloud server goes back to June 2023.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: every time you squeeze the chart, to display an older date, the Core will send a request to the Cloud archive to trasnfer the requested data, on slower/lower-end systems, drawing a large number of trades on the Chart will take a significant toll on the system and the quality of the User Experience!
  • Two new Take Profit variants for the Depth Shot algorithm. You now have the option of using either the «historical» TP or the «depth» TP. This new philosophy sets the TP as a percentage of the PRICE movement depending on which new type you chose. Thus, the «historical» TP will place your TP at a distance equal to a percentage of the distance traveled by the price starting 2 seconds before the Depth Shot order was filled (including the depth at which the order was placed). While the «depth» TP will place your TP at a distance equal to a percentage of the distance traveled by the price since the start of the shot and until it filled your order. E.g.: if you select the «Depth» TP for you Depth shot algo and set the TP value at 50% and the Shot that filled your order was equal to 1%, your TP will be placed at 0.5% (50% of the 1% distance the shot traveled until your order was filled).
  • The Order Book can now be disabled from the Chart by going to the Chart Menu (three dots at the top right corner) and enabling or disabling the Order Book checkbox
  • The Mouse scroll speed can now be adjusted by going to the Main Menu —> Controls —> Mouse
  • Drop down menus were revamped to improve scalability and usability


  • Opening trades without TP/SL
  • Message about API limits on ByBit
  • Fixed TP/SL when closing a position on the exchange’s site (Binance)
  • Corrections of the limit on placing orders on ByBit
  • Balance display bug when flipping assets between markets on balances
  • Auto price-down running away from price
  • Time scale on the light theme
  • Auto naming algorithms
  • Disappearance of time ruler from the chart if chart is closed
  • Changing algorithm name in the algorithms tab issue
  • Dropdown issues
  • Coin search
  • Closing a position on OKx with remaining TP/SLs
  • Hotkeys change applies to all profiles
  • On/off columns in tabs

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