04 December 2023

v. 0.5.12263

New Features

  • Linux ARM64 Core build. This build is not valid for Mac M1 or M2 processors, only pure ARM64 architectures including Raspberry Pis etc. The build can be downloaded from the Download section of your MoonTrader Account on our website. IMPORTANT NOTICE: you cannot migrate your existing database (Reports) to the ARM64 version of the Core. The reports will not be read.

    INSTRUCTIONS: to properly run the core the following commands need to be run to ensure the libraries necessary for the database are installed:
    sudo apt-get -y install libncurses5 libtommath1
    sudo ln -s libtommath.so.1 /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/libtommath.so.0
  • Autostop on Reports now allows users to use timeframes in the «For Last» parameter field (1 hour, 1 day, etc.)
  • Average algorithms now allow using multiple triggers (long and short periods) by checking the box in the Algorithm Parameters and adding parameters. Please note that all conditions will have to be met for the order to be placed!
  • Telegram signal parser for ByBit exchange
  • A new filter in Reports tab: Open by —> Funding
  • The Management tab now allows automatically setting the Max Leverage size based on the desired Order size. Select the necessary trading pairs from the list, go to Set Leverage and insert the desired Order size into the Order Size field, then click on Set max leverage. This will automatically set the leverage on those pairs to the maximum size allowed for that order size.
  • All that allow selecting entries now get a counter at the bottom of the tab
  • Multi-Sort function is now available. By holding the CTRL key pressed, you can select multiple columns that will be used to sort the data, the hierarchy being the order in which the columns were selected. To remove specific columns from the multi-sort, hold down the CTRL + Shift keys and click on the column you wish to remove. To clear the multi-sort completely, just click on any column without holding any key pressed.
  • It is now possible to use letters in combination with keys as hotkeys to trigger the Join of TP/SL for long and short positions. Go to Options —> Controls —> Shortcuts —> Take-Profit/Stop-Loss section
  • The Client tabs will now group into a list at the end of the tab header line if the number of tabs exceeds the available space in the Client window. To view and jump to any of the hidden tabs, click on the small window and >> button at the end of the line.
  • You can now take a screenshot of a coin chart by simply clicking F11 on the keyboard. The screenshot will not include sensitive data like Balance and IP address.
  • You can now set your custom background to be displayed on coin charts. Go to Options —> Appearance —> Content and scroll to the bottom to find the «Chart background image» section
  • The Telegram client now has the commands to start/stop, edit and delete autostops
  • We added a button to clear all notifications from the notifications dropdown menu (bell on the top right)
  • The Reports export button now allows users to choose a specific directory where the csv file will be saved
  • An indicator (top left corner of chart window on Futures) displaying the «Deviation from Spot» that indicates if the price of the asset on the Futures market is grater than on the Spot market (if a spot market for this coin is also available). Thus if the price of the asset you are currently viewing on Futures market is greater than on the Spot market, the indicator will be green and display the «+» (plus) sign in front of the percentual value of the difference, if the Futures price is lower than the Spot price, the indicator will display a «-» (minus) sign and the percentual value will be red.
  • You can now add values with decimal places in time fields. For example «Follow price delay» can now be set to 1.3 seconds in the Algorithm.


  • Error of TP/SL disappearance when closing TP on own order (new regulation system from Binance)
  • FPS growth when connecting to the VPS
  • Hanging orders on ByBit
  • Depthshot errors
  • Display errors in the Management tab when adding orders to the Black list
  • Calculation of Order Size on ByBit
  • Error of placing stop limit SL if spread is more than 10%
  • Slow growth of RAM consumption
  • Panic button triggering error when using a stop limit SL
  • Auto-split errors
  • Phantom orders on ByBit
  • Rest requests to get a position on OKx
  • Initialisation of delta calculations during listings on OKx and Bybit
  • Column alignment in tabs
  • Column width change in all tabs
  • Quote asset volume errors in the Depthshot algorithm
  • Additional filters panel in Reports
  • Problem of hotkeys functionality when using a single letter for hotkeys and coin search window operation. now there will be no hotkey trigger when typing coin name.
  • Wrong margin type is drawn in client on listed pairs
  • Handling of 50004 errors on OKx which led to order placing error
  • Problem of positions without TP on Bybit and OKx
  • Phantom positions
  • Optimised logic of Averages algorithm
  • Database migration
  • Work of mouse clicks in lists (now does not take into account the double click delay parameter)
  • Setting margin type on OKx
  • Copying settings from the Management panel on OKx, ByBit
  • Spot listings on OKx
  • Commission calculation on OKx and ByBit
  • Baseline recalculation in AutoStop

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