04 September 2023

v 0.5.10842

New Features

  • BTC delta added to Reports
  • New drawing tool with new functions like locking, changing color and ability to edit the drawn line. Plus we added a new type of ruler that counts time intervals.
  • Added a new parameter to algorithms, for Binance only: «Stop if Order Latency higher than» — this parameter will stop the entire algorithm if the latency for placing or/and canceling orders exceeds the set value. This is an experimental feature and based on the feedback we receive we will either keep it or get rid of it.
  • Added a new parameter for Binance algorithms only: «Order time window» — which allows the users to place a timestamp on the sent orders and set, using this parameter, a time of life for this command, which, the exchange, upon receiving the command, first checks if the se «Order time window» has not expired and then proceeds to either execute or ignore the command. The higher the value, the more likely the command will get executed but simultaneously the higher the exposure to exchange lags, and vice-versa.
  • Added support for Multi-asset Mode on Binance. For details on what this is and how it works, please consult Binance documentation (https://www.binance.com/en/support/faq/what-is-multi-assets-mode-and-what-assets-does-it-support-29b45c485d664028b9ca1cdf90b24f6f). Changes are made through the Management Tab.
  • Added visual indicators for the type of order, «v» for virtual and «r» for real orders.
  • Added support for adding/subtracting margin from positions on ByBit
  • Added new parameters to Reports for Depth Shot algorithms: 1) Volume at order level; 2) Distance at order level
  • New design of the Settings menu
  • New UI component for selecting colors
  • Added Hotkeys for changing the Scale of the application (CTRL + plus/minus)
  • New layout of the Reports tab. Now the Filters are expanded by default but can be hidden using the << button on the left upper side of the tab.


  • Positions opening without TP/SL
  • Performance filters malfunction if market is not selected
  • Liquidations on ByBit
  • TP disappearing after split
  • Creating profiles with spaces in the name
  • Error when user clicks on Market Close while SL is being filled
  • SL getting canceled if moving it after Core restart
  • Additional filters in Reports tab
  • TP freezing on spot if moving order to same price
  • Market closing positions on Bybit and OKx
  • Moving a partially filled TP/SL led to an «insufficient margin» error and inability to close position
  • Improper functioning of the «Follow price» button on chart
  • Hotkeys to enable «Follow price» on chart
  • Incorrect display of the number of positions on Bybit after restart
  • Display of newly listed pairs in the Management tab
  • Open/Close position time after core restart
  • Return to main menu window in case of disconnect between client and core
  • Appearance of dead zones when moving full screen windows in the Client
  • Focus after entering (pressing Enter) an algorithm or pair in More Filters in Reports
  • Displaying Client blacklisted pairs
  • Group shot price in debug mode
  • Number of algorithms used in the Auto-stop algorithms

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