05 December 2022

v. 0.5.7497

New Features

  • Chart freeze. The chart will not move as new trades arrive. We have added a button near the follow button which, when enabled, will return focus to the current moment horizontally (hot keys ctrl+space) but NOT vertically! By pressing the second follow button, the chart will return into focus both vertically and horizontally.
  • Copy settings of Management tab to clipboard to transfer these settings to another profile/account
  • Optimization of Group Shots/Averages algorithms
  • Stopping Averages on latency increase
  • Added 24h delta to algorithms
  • Completely redesigned Algorithms tab. You can now change parameters directly from the tab. The folder can only contain one type of algorithm, its icon changes to an algorithm type icon the first time it is added to it. No other algorithm type can be dragged there. As long as only folders are created, the empty state remains. A folder without algorithms only has a name and a folder icon. When all algorithms are stopped, Sop all is inactive. And vice versa for Run all.
  • Ability to copy folders (groups) with algorithms
  • New Algorithm, SIGNALS. Now you can create an algorithm that will place orders according to the specified parameters when a signal is received from the specified Telegram channels. This algorithm only works in conjunction with our Telegram bot who needs to be configured to read the desired Telegram channels for the corresponding signals. You can read more here: https://docs.moontrader.com/signal
  • Added 1 Second candlesticks for Spot Market on Binance
  • Ability to edit the maximum amount of RAM used by the Core in the Client’s Core settings (Settings —> Core Profile —> System)
  • Telegram notifications for emulated trades
  • The Profile change procedure has been redesigned and simplified. Now you can change the profile without leaving the profiles menu, but directly from the running client. The Profiles section appeared in the main menu (top left corner). If you want to go back to the main profiles menu, you may do so under the main menu.
  • Ability to see the positions with negative margin in the positions tab, and add there the margin for closing them!
  • In the Client settings added the ability to limit the maximum number of automatically opened tabs, i.e. tabs that opened on a signal from Algorithms and listings. When this limit is reached, a notification in the client will pop up!
  • Minimum value of long period in Averages is now 3 seconds!
  • It is possible to change the sensitivity of clicks when manually placing orders in the Order Book and moving the mouse at the same time
  • Added scrolling in the Layout drop-down menu
  • Double-clicking on any tab/graph opens full screen
  • Possibility to set delay for auto-buy (in seconds)
  • We have created a new Market Saver algorithm solely for saving trade data into the archive, the icon in the Algorithm tab list is in the form of a floppy disk.
  • Added a scroll to the list of algorithms when compressing.


  • abnormal increase in RAM consumption on OKx
  • Using of alternative exact time server in case of failure of main one
  • Spam to kernel log after restart when setting TP/SL
  • Websocket error on OKx
  • if the order is partially filled, the sound notification will come less often
  • Drawing on the chart fixed
  • When setting the chart scale 200% the settings panel does not cover the entire terminal
  • Incorrect data in the Client’s status panel
  • When closing positions by TP, positions remained in the positions tab
  • Error in rendering of Auto-Stop Filters tab when opening additional tabs of Auto-Stop Filters
  • Conflict between client blacklist and kernel blacklist. when adding a coin to the client’s blacklist, it disappeared and it was impossible to add it to the kernel’s blacklist later
  • Removed compression checkbox from Archive settings due to change in data storage logic
  • Error closing the position with the Market button in the positions tab
  • Error {«code»:-2011, «msg»: «Unknown order sent»} when using Max Market
  • Change of SL trailing spread from positions tab
  • Spam in log when using 0 delay while auto-buying BNB with Futures enabled
  • Error after pressing save and run in algorithms menu
  • Order loss: CANCEL order failed: BadRequest
  • Error when moving Stop-Limit SL
  • Removed «change applied after reloading» notification for Auto-Purchase, Archive and Telegram integration
  • Unused parameters in algorithms are now colored gray to avoid confusion
  • Error in calculation of the number of orders placed by the Aver algorithm.
  • On OKx the fillFee is NULL error
  • TP is running away from the price
  • Shots lost
  • Ability to set negative values for trailing SL and watch how SL moves away from the price
  • Closing position when limit is reached according to Binance Quantitative Rules. Now we will be able to close position using TP ONLY with Hedge Mode OFF !
  • Disabling magnet (auto-scrolling chart) when user moves the chart away from the edge
  • Numerous fixes in Telegram bot
  • Fixed graphical bugs when working with folders of algorithms
  • Added new levels of chart scale (20-100-500-1000%). Especially helpful in cases of huge price changes as on SNMBUSD, WEMIX on OKx etc.
  • Errors in partial closing of positions when there is a lack of BNB
  • Display of available balance on the chart on OKx
  • Display of liquidations in reports on OKx
  • Display of partial fills in reports on OKx
  • Error spamming to core when TP/SL is lost
  • Removed sorting by «Direction» and «Size» in Algorithms tab
  • Tuned delta filters in algorithm settings
  • Automatically decreased leverage to maximum allowed by the market + notification in the client. In Menu —> Profile Kernel —> General we added ability to enable/disable automatic change of leverage to maximum allowed by exchange. (On by default)
  • Closing position with negative margin
  • Price fix of stop-limit short order
  • Price filter error fix
  • Mark-Price Filter Fix for Single Bid
  • Check for non-existing markets in algorithm settings (lists)
  • fixed bug with delay on closing/modifying tabs
  • Fix recording of positive trades as negative ones in reports

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