05 November 2021

v 13978

New Features

  • Averages Algorithm new update:
  • added new parameter «Do not trigger if active»: if market has new or filled orders related to this averages algo it will not trigger again until all orders cancelled and active TP/SL closed
  • added new parameter «Max active markets»: averages group now can count active markets and will not trigger on new markets if limit has been reached
  • cancel delay became optional, if users do not want to cancel orders until filled
  • added new parameter «Max position size»: if averages total possible position size is larger than max position size it will not trigger again until new orders are cancelled or active TP/SL closed. Note that total possible position size calculates as open orders Quantity sum + active TP/SL Quantity.
  • added new parameter «Cancel on first fill»: cancel all new orders if take/stop has been filled
  • added new parameter «Join on first fill»: averages will not wait cancel delay to join orders, instead it will try to join every time new order get filled
  • added new parameters «Use second stop loss», «Second sl trigger distance», «Second sl percentage», «Second sl trailing», «Second sl trailing spread»: When second sl trigger distance reached, tpsl will use second stop loss settings
  • Design revamps:
  • New Profile menu that allows for Language changes and Scale changes from the very start.
  • Main menu Sections are now accessible from the Main Menu drop down.
  • Main Menu tree revamp, Colors and Sounds sections revamped
  • Interface contrast improvements


  • UDS status check for TP/SL during place/move order fix
  • Maximum allowable position error fix
  • TP/SL base-price reverted from ticker Price to trade Source marker (faster virtual order reaction)
  • Added stopPricePercentage recalculate if we got «-4184 Limit price can’t be lower than» or «-4016 Limit price can’t be higher than»
  • «Averages cancel TP/SL out of nowhere» fix
  • Removed garbage logging
  • History for Trades and Tickers redone

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