10 May 2024

v. 0.5.13820

‍New Features


this version will lead to an issue with the scrolling speed in the Client for all Mac users. Unfortunately the issue stems from the graphical engine provider and has already been reported to them by the entire software development community! We are awaiting for them to issue a fix for this issue and as soon as we've received it, we will implement it on our end and roll out a Hotfix to solve this issue for our users. Windows users are not affected by this issue.
We appologize for this temporary inconvenience.

New Features:

* Triggers. Please read the accompanying material.

— Technical details of Triggers and Actions features:https://docs.google.com/document/d/18mLB8rW_0lff61_d84YzQbyvvaLfW0uDhv-ZcyXpwW0/edit?usp=sharing

— Examples of Triggers and actions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QAU7GIlZF-IfqQGlFx-t_N-HmFB-lwTn_bO3eMg7U0E/edit?usp=sharing

* Added functionality for working in new/listed markets: Automated leverage size management and  Automated margin type management. In Options, System --> Core, you can enable/disable these features. If the leverage size management is enabled, you can determine for which situations the Core will automatically set the selected leverage size, for All coins or for new/Listing coins. If the automated margin type feature is enabled, it will automatically set all markets (existing and future listed) to the set type. Improved drawing tool, now the ruler also shows the difference in price and relative delta

* Added minute volumes to the coin chart

* Added hotkeys for changing the size of the TP; in the Hotkeys settings you can select combinations for selecting a value. Values can be edited in the TP drop-down line on the main menu of the screen work area. The order of the values is descending from top to bottom the top value being nr.1 and so on.

* Added hotkeys for changing Stop Loss values. Similar to changing TP values hotkeys above.

* Improvements in the time period selection form in Reports tab* Optimization of loading historical data from cloud storage. Now the Client will directly pull data from the server bypassing the Core, which should reduce the load on the Core.

* Added new time intervals to Performance Filters (1m, 3m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 7d, 14d, 30d)* Added license information to the bottom right corner (license type, expiration date, etc.)

* Made it possible to update the "Live Time" timeframe in performance filters manually or after a certain period and not at restart as it worked by default.

* Added new functionality to keep focus on the desired chart. The default hotkey is CTRL+Shift+F. Focus can be removed by clicking on another chart or tab.

* Added data on shot depth (how far has the price jumped percentage-wise in said shot) to Reports in a new column. This functionality works for the Binance and OKx exchanges only.

* On ByBit exchange, on the BTC-USDT pair (spot and futures) we now draw a more “filled” order book.

* Added the ability to set the Delay in seconds for placing a Buy/Sell Limit/Market order using a hotkey.

* A slider has been added to the Transfer Balances form to select the percentage of balance to be transferred

* Added hotkeys for split TP/SL

* Added new commands for editing algorithms to Telegram Bot.

* A “Risk Limit” column has been added to the management tab, which displays the maximum order size at a given leverage. Works on all exchangesA new parameter has been added to all algorithms - Operating time. This parameter can be used to limit the running time of the algorithm.

* Added display of ByBit exchange balances in the Telegram Client

* Implemented an automated system for reporting bugs and transmitting feedback directly from inside the Client. The “Feedback” button is located in the bottom right corner of the screen; by clicking it, a form for submitting feedback or a bug report pops up.


* spam error in the logs if the coin was withdrawn from trading

* error in receiving data on the price of a coin after listing

* error in receiving data on trades on a coin after listing

* phantom positions

* error joining positions using a key (join key)

* error stopping the algorithm using the "Stop all" button

* Client freezes when there are more rows in Reports

* error opening multiple Auto-Stop and Orders tabs

* error of missing data and errors when going to the Trading Performance tab

* client error when quickly opening a coin quotable to BTC after Core start

* it is impossible to switch margin type from Cross to Isolated from chart window

* hidden stuck orders that appear after a core restart or when filling another order on a coin

* incorrect calculation of the mark price prevents the opening of a position

* errors when trying to move a partially filled order on Bybit

* errors in the auto-naming function in algorithms

* error updating data in the Trading Performance tab

* erroneous display of balances in the funding wallet on OKx after transferring funds

* error in purchasing the minimum volume for the market on Spot on the ByBit exchange

* error in TP Auto price-down if TP is virtual

* overlaying buy and sell orders on Bybit

* error triggering virtual Stop Loss on OKx

* spam in logs due to a large number in the "Sleep Time" field in the Performance Filters

* malfunctioning drop-down menu for selecting a time interval in performance filters

* erroneous notifications about listings on Bybit

* error when forcing a change in the leverage size by the ByBit exchange

* unable to close positions in MT opened on the OKx website with different types of margin on one coin

* incorrect data in Reports' "Total USDT" column

* slow scrolling speed on the chart and other visual bugs

* error in calculating the order size on Bybit futures if you use the percentage scale to select the order size

* TP/SL error when the order size is close to the lower limit value

* when the algorithm exits the delta range filter, the delay before restarting is not taken into account and the algorithm starts working immediately upon entering back into the delta range filter

* error drawing diagonal lines

* error in displaying Reports after Funding Fee payments

* errors in auto-stop operation

* errors in calculating commission on Spot in the absence of BNB

* error in calculating the liquidation level on OKx and Bybit

* erroneous information about working algorithms in the Market Overview tab

* incorrect operation of the time slider in the start menu of the Trading Performance tab

* bug when displaying the time label on the chart if you move the cursor to the far left corner of the chart

* error saving layouts in the client

* settings for the left and right graph axis are not saved

* errors in the operation of the Signal algorithm when using certain filters

* when transferring data from the data folder, TP/SL doesn't get initialized

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