13 February 2024

v. 0.5.12884

New Features

  • MT client now memorizes changes made within tabs
  • Drawings are now memorized even after Client restart
  • New Chart tab options added, now right-clicking the chart tab allows users to choose: Close, Close all except this (will close all other tabs and charts), Close all other charts (will only close other charts, not tabs)
  • Added new UI elements to notify users of pending changes in the Settings Menu
  • New positions opening logic will now allow placing orders that upon filling will immediately lead to liquidation due to SL being further away from the price than the actual Mark price.
  • The tabs of charts that were opened by the «Open graph on trigger» feature will now display a black dot on them to notify users of such events. The dot will disappear after the user manually opens the graph.
  • Added a «copy blacklist/whitelist» button to algorithms.
  • Added a new «Name» column to the Autostop tab
  • Revamped client log panel in the Client (bottom left corner)
  • A new checkbox/button has been added to algorithms and to the settings panel for manual trading: «Enforce exchange minimum order size requirement». If the checkbox is ticked/button is enabled in the algorithm and/or manual trading settinges, if the desired order size is smaller than the minimum exchange requirement, will automatically set the minimum allowable size (for example on BTCUSDT, now it is 170 USDT), if you do not enable the checkbox/button, when you try to set less than the minimum value allowed by the exchange, we get an error.
  • Added the ability to start/stop auto-stops from the telegram client
  • Hotkey to place buy/sell limit orders close to the spread at the best price. So called «Limit spread» orders, can be placed with hotkeys close to the spread. The distance from the spread can be adjusted in the «Limits» tab in the «Boundaries» settings panel for manual trading. The detailed tooltip in the tab itself. Also, Hotkeys for placing market buy/sell orders were added. Hotkeys for these new features can be found in the Settings Menu —> Controls —> Keyboard shortcuts —> Place orders section.  
  • Added volume data to the Depthshot algorithm debug mode.
  • Added the ability to transfer funds from the main (funding) account to a trading account on Bybit and OKx via MT Client.
  • Now average prices up to 15 seconds are calculated within the Average algorithm itself and values greater than 15 seconds are taken from Market Live; this should significantly improve predictability and efficiency of Averages algorithm work especially on short time frames.


  • Issue updating arm64 core
  • Errors in group editing of algorithms Errors in processing of take profit auto price-down
  • Copying a group of algorithms via clipboard
  • Virtual SL trigger errors
  • Difference between % tp/sl drawn on the chart and shown in the Positions tab
  • Calculation of commission on Bybit
  • Displaying the number of emulated orders in the Orders tab
  • Sorting in the Balances tab
  • Corrections in Bybit logic that led to opening a position after liquidation
  • Phantom orders on Bybit/OKx
  • Errors in Market Watcher after profile change
  • Drawing of candlesticks over ticks when using a mixed graph type
  • Error of calculation of «frozen» margin in the Balance tab after transfer
  • Error after moving a group of orders using hotkeys on ByBit
  • Error in drawing Fibonacci levels after manipulating the graph on which they are drawn
  • Errors in calculating the funding rate on Bybit-it
  • Error of rendering selected checkboxes in dropdowns
  • Horizontal compression speed of charts
  • Data disappearance from the Market Watcher tab after closing a deal

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