14 June 2023

v 0.5.10053

New Features

  • New Algorithm — Depth Shot. For in depth details, please refer to the algorithm’s tool tip in the Algorithm Parameters info box and please check out the video on our YouTube channel.
  • New Filter — Funding filter. This filter will allow users to enable/disable trading by an algorithm based on the Funding Rate. It will also allow users to enable/disable trading on pairs with a specific Funding Rate for a specific period of time before/after the funding commission is paid! Please check out the detailed video on our YouTube channel.
  • A new version of the Graphics Engine that will fix the issue of a crashing Client, especially for Mac users!
  • A pair Chart that has a order in the Order Book will not automatically close
  • It is now possible to restart the Core from the Client with the additional parameters: a) clean up Order Cache b) clean up the Archive
  • Double-clicking an entry in the Reports tab will open the corresponding pair at the time the deal was made
  • The new Light Theme
  • Possibility of selecting all/none of the checkboxes of drop down menus
  • Coin search will use English keyboard layout regardless of system layout
  • Pop-ups can be closed using ESC key
  • Dust auto-burn added to Menu —> Core Profile —> General
  • Hotkeys for increasing/decreasing TP% (CTRL + up/down arrow) and SL% (ALT + up/down arrow)
  • Performance Filters are moved higher up the Algorithm Menu to be closer to other Filters!
  • The «Delta Check Frequency» parameter in all Algorithm menus is changed to «Filter Check Frequency» and now checks all filters
  • Order Price Distance line is now rendered when Debug Mode is enabled for Averages algorithms

IMPORTANT! The Order Book is costly, in terms of API request weight! And each time when we subscribe to the order book of any pair we want to open up, we receive a snapshot of that order book which eats into your API limits. Additionally, the frequency at which the Order Book is updated will directly impact the system resources usage on the machine running the core as well as the hardware. We’ve decided to reduce the Order book update frequency by default. This action can be reverted by our users. To do so, go to Options —> Graphs —> Content, at the bottom you will find the checkbox for this action. If checked, the settings will be applied to the next newly opened chart. This is ONLY APPLICABLE to Binance!


  • ByBit commission in reports
  • Binance partial fill issue
  • ByBit data processing optimizations
  • OKx optimizations
  • Export Reports to CSV
  • Order Book rendering optimizations
  • Algorithm tab sorting
  • Iceberg orders
  • CPU usage increase if users have not passed the Derivatives market quiz
  • Mark price filter
  • Frozen orders during listing
  • Incorrect display of leverage size on newly listed pairs

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