19 July 2022

v 15889

New Features

  • OKx Exchange Support added! IMPORTANT! To create an OKx Profile, you will need an OKx License on our webpage. At the moment, we are offering the OKx license only in its PRO version and only for FREE !!! We expect OKx users to have knowledge of how the exchange operates, what are the particularities of this Exchange compared to Binance. For reference, please feel free to consult the Docs section on our webpage. The main difference when creating API Keys, is that unlike Binance, to OKx uses one extra parameter called simply a «Passphrase» that the user must generate when creating the keys. This «Passphrase» then must be passed into its corresponding field when creating the Profile for trading on OKx in the MoonTrader Client. When creating an OKx Profile, make sure to select the correct Exchange of the two available choices!
  • Market Info Tab is now obsolete and replaced by the Management Tab (if missing from your layout consider resetting your layouts OR just open it from the «Panels» sub-menu of the Main Menu from the left upper corner of the Screen). The Management Tab now allows users to adjust Leverage Size, Margin Type, adding/removing Markets and Trade Pairs to/from the Client (eye icon) and Core (padlock icon) Blacklists! Additionally, the Management Tab allows users to create Lists! These lists will be very useful in future iterations of MoonTrader when algorithms will make full use of them (users will be able to directly access the lists inside the algos not having to type out pairs manually or pasting them from elsewhere).
  • The Positions tab has changed its name to Trades & Positions and has now displays the Positions that are open and the TP/SL orders that were generated from these! The Positions Tab now allows users to both enable and disable as well as change the distance of the TP and SL orders on the fly!
  • NEW Algorithm Parameters! The following New parameters and filters were added to both Shot and Averages algorithms:
    • Price step Filter — a filter that will allow the algorithm to place orders ONLY IF the price step (in absolute percentage value of the current price) is within the provided range!
    • Mark Price Filter — only available on the USDT-M and COIN-M markets! This filter allows the user to specify a range for the deviation of the mark price from the current price. If the deviation exceeds the specified range, the algorithm will not place orders. This parameter accepts relative values! i.e. you can use negative values for a mark price lower than the current price and positive values (without the «plus» sign) for a mark price higher than the current price. Either way, the values should be introduced from lesser to greater, for example: -1 — 0.5
    • Cancel if out of range — now both Coin Delta Filters and Delta Filters have the option to «Cancel if out of range», which will make the algorithm cancel the orders placed by it IF the delta values for the specified parameter will go out of the specified range!
    • Quantitative Rules calculator added to Averages Algo — works just like it does for Shots algo. Protects your account from being banned from trading in case of exceeding Binance’s Quantitative Rules.
    • Do not Cancel if Executed added to Averages Algo — works with the Use Cancel Delay parameter. If checked, this parameter will STOP the Cancel Delay timer and will NOT remove the multi-orders placed by the algorithm on the triggered market. The orders will remain on the market even if Cancel Delay runs out.
    • Max Orders parameter added to Averages Algo — allows users to limit the number of orders that the Algorithm will place per Market
    • Max Active Markets parameter added to Shot Group Algo — allows the user to limit the number of Markets the Algorithm will actively trade on.
  • Core Commands in Core Profile Menu. Now users can Restart the Core from the Client directly! Open the Options Menu and go to Core Profile => System. In addition to the old Core Blacklist menu that is now redundant with the Addition of the Management tab, a new sub-menu: Core Commands, allows the users to Restart the Core (restart [no update]) or shut it down altogether. This command is sent to the Core that the Client is connected to so it doesn’t matter if your Core is on a VPS or running locally.
  • Telegram Integration update. The Telegram Integration sub-menu is now more flexible and customizable, allowing users to enable/disable more notifications.


  • Auto-Stop issues fixed
  • Used margin calculation fix for positions opened using Cross Margin type
  • Balance calculations fix
  • License activation issue fixed
  • Frozen TP/SL fix
  • Refactored Shot Algo order quantity error messages
  • Changed notification for MinNotional error
  • Max Quantity Market Stop loss fix
  • Number rounding fix

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