20 April 2023

v 0.5.9357

New Features

  • ByBit Exchange support added! Now you can create API keys for ByBit (both Main accounts and Sub-accounts are supported) using their Unified Trading Account option to trade on ByBit using MoonTrader!
  • Updated API key entry form in profile creation menu
  • Added support for RSA private keys for Binance
  • Added Auto Merge for Shot Algorithms
  • Added Combine Key to Shot Algorithms
  • Added funding display on OKx
  • A new color scheme!
  • AUTO-SPLIT! Automatic splitting of a position when filling an order. You can choose the number of TP/SL and the distance between them. This feature is accessible in the Order section of the Manual trading menu at the top of the screen
  • Added a new block of functionality in the Trades and Positions tab: now any position can be closed using Market as before, can have TP/SL restored to it, can close using a market or limit order and getting the trade registered in Reports.
  • The possibility to set a distance of «0» in the averages (for instant placing of orders according to the set parameters of orders)
  • Added new parameter of the algorithm to the Shot algorithm: Replace delay. This is a delay for your order when moving away from price, as opposed to the Follow Price Delay!
  • Added deltas to Reports! They are hidden by default. You should click on the three dots in the top right corner in Reports and turn on the ones you are interested in. When exporting your reports to CSV, all existing data, including the hidden columns will be exported autormatically.
  • Added checkbox «Iceberg» to all algorithms
  • When adding Other Symbols Delta Filters, you can now select a coin in another market! Example: a shot group set up to trade on Futures, can now monitor the delta of BTCUSDT on the Spot market!
  • Added Iceberg to Signals!
  • Added icon Iceberg to the Algorithms tab
  • New UI for the Market Live tab, which is similar to the Management tab.
  • New UI for Reports tab: added new fields + possibility to hide/show the necessary columns + delta
  • Updated UI of the main coin chart! Now most of the indicators on the chart in the upper left corner have the ability to customize by clicking on the triangle at the end of the indicator.
  • In the tab of balances, appeared the possibility of burning dust (give-a) in BNB. In the upper right corner of the tab Balances new button «Dust».
  • In Market Live added deltas from 5sec to 55sec, they can be added with the menu customization (three horizontal dots) in the upper right corner of the panel.
  • Added performance filters in Signals
  • Possibility of working with lists. You can now create a list in the Management Tab, then Select the desired pairs by ticking the check-box and adding multiple pairs to specific lists. Then these lists can be added to Algorithms by using the dropdown section at the right of the pair input fields.
  • Auto Stop on Balances logic reworked. Now the algorithm will take into account the PNL of the open positions! Thus if the PNL of the open positions is negative and has exceeded the value set in the Auto Stop, the selected algorithms will stop and additionally now the user can check the box to Panic Sell all open positions if the Auto stop limit is exceeded!


  • Order retrieval after Core crash
  • Automatic initialization of algorithms with a change of parameters when using old versions of algos
  • Order book freezing when saving layout profiles with two or more charts
  • Second stop loss trigger
  • Changes in the Telegram menu are now saved without restarting the kernel
  • Disabling TP stopped the TP/SL algorithm on OKx
  • Incorrect volumes in the USDT order book on OKx
  • Wrong calculations of the order sizes and TP/SL on coins with multiple zeros after the decimal point on OKx
  • Updating TP values when changing the TP field in the Positions tab on OKx
  • Delay notifications in the Telegram bot
  • Calculation of the Avg Algorithms Trigger at high CPU load
  • Setting a Stop-Limit Stop Loss at the wrong price in case of a partial fill, which caused spamming in the logs
  • Growth of the order size when dragging the limit price close to zero
  • Ability to remove running algorithms
  • Bug which allowed a nonexistent pair to be used in an algorithm
  • Changing the size of the order led to a change of the shadow area in the Order book only after restarting the chart
  • Removed the non-existent 24h absolute delta from the algorithms
  • Incorrect display of balances in the Telegram bot
  • Removed the ability to add/remove pairs from the working algorithm
  • Impossibility of choosing the «Previous» order size increase in Multi-order section of Averages algorithm
  • Counting the number of algorithms in the panel of algorithms
  • Algorithms debug mode when auto-start is enabled
  • Drawing of trading volumes when using candlestick charts
  • Deleting a large number of algorithms, leading to errors in rendering the panel of algorithms
  • When changing the parameters of algorithms in groups, changes were not applied to all selected algorithms in some cases
  • Jumping of the first digit when changing the values of the order size buttons

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