21 October 2022

v. 0.5.7022

New Features

  • Added new parameters to Active Market Filters in Group algorithms:
    • Ignore First – allows users to start trading from any position of the sorted list of trading pairs that have passed the global filters. If 0 (zero), the orders will be placed from the first pair in the list.
    • List sorting frequency – allows users to set a time interval (in seconds) for the list to be refreshed according to the global filters and sorting order (ascending or descending). We do not recommend setting a value of less than 3 seconds.
  • Refactored Balances tab
  • Cancelled TP/SL will be placed back. Users can still disable TP/SL from the Trades and Positions tab
  • Implemented OKx coin-margined Market
  • Defined correct names and abbreviations for tabs in OKx (instead of using Binance nomenclature; e.g.: USD-M)


  • Cancel Order by Server 50004
  • Totals not displayed correctly in Position tab footer
  • Position tab when no position but tpsl algos > 0
  • NRE on checkbox click in empty reports panel
  • Deposit dialog (in Balances tab)
  • Removed Margin from Binance valid markets list.
  • Adjusted UI components to take in consideration valid markets.
  • Fixed API Limits UI (Status Bar) styles
  • Partial liquidations report calculation fix
  • Changed license initialization error messages to human-readable.
  • Fixed entry point line drawing after Join
  • Action buttons appear when hovering anywhere over the row. (Tabs: Balance, Orders, Trades & Positions, Management)
  • Fixed db manager throwing an error
  • Stop Market Order zero value issue
  • Panic Sell issue
  • Data transfer bottleneck when Joining multiple positions
  • Optimization required for sleeping Group Shots
  • SL triggered Error code -4131, -2013
  • “Move order failed:Order does not exist” after restarting MTCore with algorithms enabled
  • Untriggered position opening
  • Trades & positions panel, make futures markets clickable when no position, but with trades
  • Optimized telegram sending notification process.
  • PNL and profitability calculation issues
  • TP placement and Market Order placement errors due to Mark Price discrepancy
  • Second SL trailing function issue
  • Auto-stop issue
  • Time desynchronization issue
  • TP/SL mistake Trades & Positions Entry Price is listed as 0
  • Removed Margin from valid markets for Binance
  • Error «Index was outside the bounds of the array»
  • TP/SL will repeat placing real order if previous attempt has failed
  • [OKx] bug fixed during listings, the Open Price/ High Price fields dispalyed null values
  • Averages algorithm stop, when run/stop button becomes grey until restart
  • Auto-stop on balance for Spot Market
  • [OKx] Create Order error 51006 Order when price is not within the price limits
  • If API keys expiration is within the next 24 hours, Client sends a notification every hour
  • You can now click on options menu to open settings panel

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