22 February 2023


New Features

  • A redesigned main Interface:

    1) The Settings Menu is accessible directly from its icon located in the lower left side of the screen (Gear icon)

    2) The Profile Menu is accessible directly in the upper right corner of the screen, displaying the currently used Profile

    3) The Core commands are now accessible faster through the old Main Menu dropdown

    4) The Layout presets are moved to the lower left part of the screen above the Settings menu

  • Second Stop Loss was added for all Shot algorithms and for Manual trading

  • Manual Trading block revamp:

    1) Now your manual trading can make use of Presets too! You can customize the manual trading instruments you use, the Order size buttons, the Order types, the TP and SL percentages and save them into different Presets so you could quickly adapt your entire trading to the current market situation. The Manual trading Preset menu is located to the left of the Order size buttons at the top of the main screen.

    2) All Manual trading settings (Order types, TP/SL order types, Order size buttons settings and more) are accessible through the 3 horizontal buttons at the end of the Manual trading section (to the right of the SL% box)

    3) The TP/SL section of the Manual trading Menu now allows users to enable the 2nd SL for manual trading too. The mechanics are similar to those previously used in the Averages algorithm.

    4) The «Grid» tab in the Manual trading Menu now contains settings that would allow users to instantly place multiple orders on the market manually. The tab allows the user to set up the number of simultaneously placed order, the distance between them and the size increase in %, similar to the Multi-order function in the Average algorithm.

  • Algorithms Tab revamp. Now users can simultaneously Edit multiple algorithms! Users can check the boxes for the desired algorithms (provided that these are similar types of algorithms and all selected algorithms are stopped) and click the Edit button on the top right hand side corner of the Algorithms tab. The edit window that will show up will display a yellow «Mixed» sign in the boxes where the values for selected algorithms differ among them.

  • Algorithm menu revamp:

    1) Now the various separate sections can be minimized and expanded upon clicking on the name of the section. The layout itself has also change to make it more intuitive and ordered. By default all sections are expanded.

    2) A new parameter was added to the General section of the Algorithms menu — Naming mode. This parameter allows users to switch between a Manual mode — which allows users to traditionally name their algorithms by hand on their own; and Auto mode — this mode allows users to apply a specific formula that would read specific parameters of the algorithm that were specified by users and then use those to automatically name the algorithm based on that information. All acceptable parameters and their explanation are described in the info-tip of the Naming mode in the Client.

    3) A new Parameter was added to all algorithms — Performance Filters. After enabling it with the checkbox, the user must then expand this Parameter to view its contents. By default the parameter if off (disabled). Adding a Performance Filter will allow the user to control the ability of the algorithm to place orders on a specific trading pair or generally based on the performance of a specific Symbol’s (trading pair’s) global performance (all results on that pair, regardless of how these were achieved, manually, automatically etc); a Symbol’s performance as part of the algorithm that is being edited; the entire Algorithm’s (Algo) total performance or based on a Custom key — allowing the user to select as a reference for the current Algo’s ability to place orders a different Algorithm, results of Manual trading or received Liquidations etc.

    4) Averages Group algorithm receives a new parameter — Join key. To use this parameter, the Join on first fill parameter above must be enabled first. Thus, the possible combinations for this parameters are: if disabled, the TP/SLs of this algorithm will join with all other TP/SLs on the same trading pair; if enabled but no Join key is given, the TP/SLs of this algorithm will join with all other TP/SLs on the same trading pair; if enabled and Join key (any combination of letters and digits), the TP/SLs of this algorithm will join with TP/SLs of all other algorithms on the same trading pair with a similar Join key. IMPORTANT: one special case exists for this parameter — if Join on first fill is disabled but Join key is enabled and uses a specific key, the TP/SLs of this algorithm will still join exclusively with TP/SLs of all other algorithms on the same trading pair that use the same key BUT the Join will cannot be triggered by this algorithm but will wait to be triggered by either another algorithm with the same join key and the «Join on first fill» enabled, or the user could manually Join the TP/SLs and the ones with the same key would join.

    5) Averages algorithm logic and performance overhaul. We have put in a lot of time and effort into improving and optimizing the efficiency of the Averages algorithm. You should now experience a smoother and less resource-intensive performance of this algorithm.

    6) Averages algorithm now uses a preset list of short and long periods, you can no longer input the short period by hand.

    7) Shot algorithms restart delay now restarts the algorithm based on the parameter set in this field in the event of a stop on Latency, an Exchange error (5xxx), an order is cancelled outside Shot Algorithm logic, and order has expired, an order was Liquidated.

  • A new Panel was added — Trading Performance. To access this panel, go to the Menu dropdown (top left corner) and select it from the Panels list. This new tab contains information similar to the Reports tab but it displays the performance of each trading pair based on several temporal rolling windows and are differentiated based on the source that generated the result on said pair. Thus users in this tab can analyze either the performance of an algorithm or of a specific pair, Globally or more specifically based on the source of the results.

  • 24h Relative delta was added to OKx

  • Confirmation dialog added to following actions: close Client window, Run All algoirthm, Stop All algorithms.

  • MoonTrader licenses can now be Upgraded/Downgraded on your MoonTrader account’s page.


  • Funds transfer to/from Coin-M on Binance
  • Stop limit order placement on OKx via Telegram bot
  • Miscellaneous fixes

Known issues:

We are facing issues with all trading pairs that have more than 8 decimal points (0.xxxxxxxx) on OKx, we highly recommend adding these to the Core blacklist to avoid trading on such pairs. To find all such pairs, go to Live Market and sort the lists by Ticker price (last column). Most popular are:





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