23 April 2022

v 15328

New Features


  • System update notifications to Telegram
  • API ban notifications to Telegram
  • Periodic Trading Report notifications to Telegram
  • Exchange auto-initializates by default.
  • MoonTrader License Validity notifications to Telegram
  • Binance API KEY validity notifications to Telegram

UI Changes:

  • The old Badges for the Futures Market (F) and the Delivery Market (D) are now replaced by U (according to Binance’s USDT-M) and C (for Coin-M) accordingly
  • Order Type selector changed to drop-down menu instead of the old button list
  • Color scheme and Fonts have slightly changed to improve sharpens and readability


  • Client Fix, the issue leading to the Crashing of the Client was detected and removed.
  • Fixed unwanted core restart when unhandled exception occurred during process shutdown
  • Fixed «Fatal error while logging another fatal error.» occurred on Windows Server
  • Fixed core settings black list save
  • Fixed TP/SL stop after liquidation while using stopLimit stopLoss fix
  • Jumping to current time and centering graph when graph type is changed
  • Virtual takeProfit fix
  • Join and move at the same time of multiple Take Profits fixed
  • Stop limit price filter fixes
  • Handling -1000 -1001 -1007 errors during placement of order
  • Fixed debug info initialization on Start All (algos) action
  • Fixed report liquidation side
  • While hedge mode is on TP/SL stop will be executed only if TP/SL side related to liquidated position
  • Move order fix if connection lost
  • Fixed error messages
  • Binance Futures listing fix
  • Split order fix
  • changed Telegram notifications
  • Algo folders delete button fix
  • Status bar fix
  • Auto-buy Min Notional fix
  • Error -4131 that forced core crash and restart fix
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes and optimizations

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