27 June 2023

v 0.5.10234

New Features

  • Trading Performance. Custom key input field now accepts multiple markets, separated by comma!
  • Implemented a new option: Do not focus on new charts if the active chart has open orders.
  • Changed the default sorting in Trades and Positions.
  • Delta Filters menu has new options: 5 … 55 seconds
  • Coin input field improvement. Start typing, choose from suggestions using the keyboard and continue typing new coins.
  • Optimized trading start time on the new chart.


  • 24h Delta Filter is back from vacation!
  • MacOS infinite Client copies after update.
  • (bnb) Autobuy fixed.
  • Max orders limit.
  • Averages algo with multiorders leftovers — fixed!
  • More averages fixes.
  • Possibility to edit the markets of a running algorithm.
  • Reset TP/SL in Positions.
  • Partial fills processing.
  • Bybit & OKX — «Join selected failed».
  • Positions tab sorting.
  • Export to *.csv. More accurate data is now exported.
  • If all markets are on the Core Blacklist, the ability to trade is changed to impossible.
  • More partial fills and partial liquidations fixes

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