27 May 2022

v 15551

New Features

  • Emulation mode — MoonTrader now offers the possibility of running your algorithmic trading and manual trading in an Emulated Mode! This mode does not use your balance yet enjoys all the same functionality as your regular manual or algorithmic trading would have.

    Enabling Emulation Mode for manual trading is done from the upper Order Type panel. When expanded, the Emulation checkbox should be checked to enable Emulation Mode. A red label reading Emulation On will appear at the top next to the TP field

    Enabling Emulation Mode for any trading algorithm is done by checking the Emulation box in the «General» section of the algorithm. The word «Emulation» will turn red!

    IMPORTANT: Emulated orders use Trades as the data source to work; thus, they will subscribe to this source regardless of what you’ve chosen in your algorithm settings. This can potentially lead to an increased load on the system if a very high number of Emulated orders are run simultaneously by your Emulated algorithm!


  • system will cancel orders if it fails to get available balance or has not enough balance to Auto-Buy
  • Averages max position size fix
  • Auto price down after join bug fix
  • Improvement: after join several auto price downing take profits will continue to auto price down from join price
  • Improvement: averages algorithm does not stop while active anymore
  • Fixed possible crash on very fast VMs.
  • Fix Core shutdown stucks on «GroupAlgorithm stopping»
  • Improvement: position with size less than minNotional now able to close with Market/Limit close position button
  • Removed endless GetOrder loop during order restoration from DataBase in UDS
  • Added check if order is preorder or moved and GetOrder returns «order does not exist»
  • Reports database optimizations
  • TP/LS will place new market order if previous market order has been expired and there is still some qty to sell
  • Modify leverage now ignores not tradable markets
  • Modify margin type now ignores not tradable markets
  • Telegram reporting fixed time interval
  • Localization updates

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