8 September 2022

v 16544

New Features

  • Added icons to Tables tabs, added colored symbols to chart tabs.
  • Refactored Trades & Positions Panel to use columns features. Now you can customize the Tab by removing (by clicking the 3 vertical dots in the right upper corner of the Tab), moving or changing the width of columns!
  • New Algorithm Filter parameter. Sorting Method. Allows the User to both limit the number of active Markets and set a hierarchy for the markets that pass all other global filters. This feature allows for better allocation of resources. Set a Filter for sorting the Markets list from a larger list of markets that pass all other filters. These Filters will add a specific weight, if there are multiple principles, each sorting of the initial list will add its weight to the final list. The result of the limitation of the number of markets and the application of the sorting Filters will be a list, that in time, will have Markets enter or leave it and the algorithm will either start or stop based on this. Example: if the global filter Markets is USDT-M and the Quote asset filter is USDT, a list of over 100 Markets will constitute the list the algorithm must work with, if the user wants to trade on 10 most volatile Markets of this list only, then the Max active markets must be set to 10 and the sorting Filter must be set to «1h d» + «descending» (the downward pointing arrows). For more details, check Info Tool-tips throughout the Client’s interface
  • Remove Chart drawings icon added to the Drawing Panel that clears all drawn lines and items on the Chart.
  • Focus on auto-opening new Charts. This new feature is added to the Options -> System sub-menu. The feature allows the user to decide whether the focus window will remain on the currently active Chart OR jump th a newly automatically opening Chart, be that from a new Listing or a setting of one of the Algorithms.  
  • Scroll added for long notifications in the Notifications pop-out menu
  • We removed exchange selection from Algorithm Menus. The system automatically detects what Exchange is in use.
  • Orders table revamped
  • Title bar revamp for both Client window and Core console window. The information is now more tidily displayed.
  • Export Report to CSV. It is now possible to extract your reports to a CSV file located inside the MT working folder (full path will be displayed after the operation is done). To export, first choose the desired time fram, press the Filter Reports button so the desired export list gets populated and then click on the Export button located to the right of the Filter Reports button. IMPORTANT: the Export function will create a CSV file strictly containing the information currently displayed in the Reports tab! Thus first you have to populate the list with the desired data in the Client and only then export it.


  • PnL fluctuations when enabling/disabling TP/SL in Positions tab
  • Open orders indicator
  • Negative value order placement in Emulation mode
  • Order size tool should not accept negative values
  • All Telegram notifications start with profile name
  • Client blacklist issue
  • OKx Algorithms Auto-Start malfunction
  • Stop Limit SL issue
  • «Save settings» button issue
  • Emulation using a Zero order size value
  • Averages Max Markets filter issue
  • Live Market USDT-M initialization fail
  • OKx Balances representation issue
  • Binance Balances representation issue
  • Shot orders frozen on exchange
  • Excessive manual movement of the avg multi-order leading to error
  • Leverage modification in Managament tab
  • Shot algo using «Max Markets» > 2 lead to crash
  • Spot balances show excess coins.
  • OKx error 51001: Instrument ID does not exist
  • Remote Core crashes when connecting with profile set up for different exchange
  • Virtual TP triggering logic
  • Stop Limit SL cancellation issue
  • Trade result issue: Total (negative) is different from Price delta (positive)
  • Spot Stop Limit
  • Current price and Orderbook synchronization issue
  • Listing Notification do not check Telegram settings
  • Stop Limit SL disappeared after Join
  • Untriggered position opening
  • Mark price filter- affects the work of the algorithms
  • Post Only orders disappears from order book while moving during manual and automated trading
  • OKx does not send trades snapshots to new subscribers if connecting to same core from different Client
  • Irregular latency increase on OKx when using emulated Shot Algo
  • Core crashes in case of multiple orders and graphs opened by Averages algorithm
  • Post Only order on Spot market issue
  • Layout Reset button issue
  • AVG algo triggering issue
  • «Orders» tab «USDT-M» section error
  • OKx Order error 50004 = Endpoint request timeout
  • «Cancel delay» issue in Averages algorithm
  • Stop Price update issue
  • OKx Move TP/Order
  • OKx Possible memory leak while running shot algorithms
  • OKx Emulator using trades qty as coins should use qty as contracts (where relevant)
  • Sorting by filters in Avg/Shot group algorithms
  • Market Live update issue

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