12 March 2022

v 14930

New Feature

  • Algorithm Debug feature added. This new feature can be accessed in the Algorithm tab. By clicking on the Debug icon in the algorithm row, you enable the Algorithm Debug feature for that specific algorithm. This feature will display all information related to the specific algorithm (if a Shot algorithm will be Debuged, the chart will display the buffer and the order level lines on the graph. If an Averages algorithm is debuged, the chart will display the Average prices for the specified Short and Long time intervals!). NOTE: only one algorithm can be debuged per Chart; thus if more than one algorithm is running on the same pair, the one that was initiated first will be debuged on screen.


  • Quantitative Rules management system Overhaul. It is now virtually impossible to receive a Ban based on Binance’s new trading rules. The quantitative rules protection is enabled in the algorithm menu by default!
  • new Trade Archive version. Improved stability and reduced resource consumption.
  • tp/sl algo preorder fix
  • second stop trailing fix
  • Fix unhandled exception processing
  • Improve MTLogger behavior during shutdown process
  • Fix Core not to send ‘port is busy’ error
  • Avoid excessive CPU usage when compressing logs
  • Fix “log is already open” issue (open another log file)
  • max number of algo orders fix
  • shotAlgo most of «stop on cancel order» changed to «stop on insufficient margin»
  • shotAlgo stop on cancel order no more. Because we could get it under different circumstances for example after core performance overload shotAlgo simply cancelled an order and we want «stop on system overload» notification instead.
  • shotAlgo some logging level changed to WARN
  • shotAlgo added description to some notifications such as «stop on order size filter {error.notificationCode}» which indicates what type of error we got (minQty/maxQty/minNotional etc…)
  • autobuy on minNotional will return false and new notification code to repeat tp/sl placement
  • max number of algo orders fix
  • default OrderSettings StopPricePercentage changed to 1%
  • percentPriceFilter failure in tradePairData will return false
  • index out of range fix
  • added logging for the case if bug will happen again
  • added deltaCalculator reinitiate for the case if bug will happen again
  • Fix Follow Price Delay freeze in Short Algo
  • merged calculating executedQty during real tp/sl movement
  • PlaceOrder will return error.NotificationCode.Exception after we got «connection timed out»
  • MoveOrder will repeat request if PlaceOrder returns exception
  • grid zero price line color (+options)
  • max active markets fix
  • Sending notifications if MT License limits reached.
  • tpslAlgo second stop loss fix
  • Added logic to prevent running multiple core instances with te same name. note: even if name is not yet set, second core instance will fail if CoreConfigWizard is running.

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