16 February 2022

v 14734


  • Reports — new column added: Price Delta %
  • Telegram — change the message format (profit/loss limited to 2 decimal places)
  • Fixed Calendar not showing 31st of January
  • fixed profit indicator, rare nre
  • Delta Calculator fixes
  • Eng Localization Asset fix
  • fixed bug on profit indicator initialization
  • fixed DBNull error (DataBaseManager)
  • Added 5min avg price line on graph [LIGHT BLUE]
  • Fixed critical bug on core/client start when DB was missing.
  • Adjusted Balance list panel (aligning action buttons to the left)
  • Adjusted Positions list panel (aligning action buttons to the left)
  • Properly showing long log messages in client’s status bar and log panel
  • Removed holiday start-up screen
  • Avg Algo warm-up (if the Long Period is 5 minutes, the Avg algo will first gather average prices for 5 minutes then will start comparing to check if algo conditions are fulfilled and orders should be placed)
  • Avg price fix
  • Max number of Algo Orders fix
  • Default OrderSettings StopPricePercentage changed to 1%
  • Added a new iteration of the Trade Archive

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